Insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth

Insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth

Saturday 15 August 2015

New raw poem 15/82015, hasn't got title yet

You fucking cunts
You stole my life
Split my soul
And hid the knife
That pierces ,slices and tears my heart
By walled off memories
I'm kept apart
From the reasons why I feel such pain
Only to be triggered again and again
To lock me down to serve you sick aims

I refuse to function for your gain

I refuse to open or exist through the portals you made
I refuse to go when you turn the blade
I'll call on Jesus Christ
I know he hears
To break all cords ties and wash away all fears

I won't work as you wish
I won't smoke your skunk cannabis
You won't get in and I won't come out
So fuck right off cos I have no doubt
That you want me to help bring forth 'End times'
Opening the eyes of those who are blind

I know that Jesus is the way and he still loves me programmed Gay
He knows my heart that you took to use
By giving me unreal choices, of lose or lose
Yes you play with free will, whilst our souls you steal
But God sees all
Your destined to fall 

Gay and Christian and Jesus Loves me
 For the choices that you force us to make
Are built on premises that are fake
To a child of 2 that is no real choice
In tortured alters with no voice
Cut off from their heart and soul
No you will be held responsible
Jesus lives and so do I
Through him I have hopes for when I die
But you, your going straight to hell
Unless you repent as well

I will follow him all the days of my life
And your lose of my potential will be my knife
I stick in you by vurtue of
Uncompliance with the above
Yes it's Jesus Christ all the way
Yes to Jesus Christ is who I pray
He is higher than all Satan's Vaticans created gods
And the Knights of Maltas masonic sods
The Jesuit that sit above them
who divert the public to blame men like Zionists and the illuminati scum
Who programed me and have such fun
                   At my souls expense 

Illuminati, Demons, Mind Control V's Jesus Christ                      It's over and done
                                                                                                       Cos Jesus is my number one

I tried to add to this post but those who monitor and interfer with my work on blogspot want to play around so I will leave how they wish...but know the red words pertain to the videos. Jesus is lord Amen

This is a reading by me of the poem.....

Monday 13 July 2015

Happy Birthday Boo Boo

Kill one
kill two
but they still carry on
but words of truth
are a weapon
that can be made into a song

law says an eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth
but tell me what is their defense
from LOVE and TRUTH

A whisper of truth
its vibrations so strong
compared to a screaming crowd
of lies
will be drown
cos they're wrong

So don't join no
gangs, groups or clubs
stay true to yourself
and using kid gloves

steer your life how YOU wish
it to grow
stand in love and truth
don't sell your soul

don't hunger for money
cos it's just
a paper hook
to be given and taken
just for a look.

see my freedom cars
last through the rain
and storms
whilst BMW drivers
on hard shoulder
with scorns

We reap what we sow
so I'm letting you know
that it's your souls what
makes you so

You can't hold me down forever

You can’t hold me down forever
Just cos you choose
While my sisters are suffering
And singing the blues

I keep coming with truth
 their creative art I bring
Cos change is coming
And goods gonna win

So hide all you like
My books, links, and blogs
And show the world
That you are just dogs

For the more you oppress me
The more I will bring
And the show ain’t over
Till the fat lady sing

The heartless game

 It’s a heartless game
Programmed to blame
Damned if you do or don’t

Can’t win
either way
It’s just an evil game
don’t play

Find something else to do
Let them bring themselves to you
Accepting you for what you are
Not judging you from afar

Whilst behaving like they being true
But they have a wall between them and you

Nothing helps
Nothing hinders
Love frequencies to high
The alter that holds the front
Hates it if you try

The only option
Is to leave
Accept the truth
Need to grieve

The effort has to come from them
They need to see
The truth again

It’s not their choice
To be that way
The alters been switched
The core held at bay

Held in place with patterns
Of tortured past
With triggered cues
to make it last

The only way back
Is with a fight
A fight for their human right
To run their body as their own
Not a slave to a master on some throne

Yes this fights not no easy task
But the way out
Is to break the mask
Shatter the glass the core sees through
Break through the programs
That hold the ’you’

Some tell me of using the keys
To bring the system to its knees
But I’m yet to learn this skill
But I’m sure if needed
In time I will.

Monday 18 May 2015

I must LOVE me

I'd love to run away from me
but it seems I'm trapped
can't break free

The me that sees the
horried truth
of which I need
to stay aloof

I look away
like 'normal' folk do
don't bring it
into my full view
       But nosey I am
       always seeking clues
and the 'me' finds them
and then the battle
I lose

For the truths I seek
are painfully real
and on Eureka!
then 'can't hear must feel'

but I can't stop myself
from seeking again
I know the trait
in me will remain
a constant battle
seek truth
           -then pain
                                                                                                            I can expose
                                                                                                                    your Rahs
                                                                                                                     go insane

So this catch 22
in which I find
that I can not
remain blind
or silent to what
I see
I best Love
that part called Me

Promised freedom for selling your soul

My wife never sold her soul
To keep her place in rock’n’roll
Even through mind control
MK’ed up she still said ‘NO’!

So just like Amy
They gave her crack-cocaine
Triggered ‘Rah’ alter
And shattered her brain

Left confused
they look insane
your never sing again

My wife continued to
Refuse to sell
So she was put through
Living hell

Life handled to have guilt and shame
They took her children
In ‘cares’ name

Each birthday
They asked again
‘Sell your soul
And all this will end’

But she still said ‘No, I’ll pray to the lord
To help me through’
                                                                                                        And he provided
                                                                                                        Mouthy Lou

But she is programmed
Russian doll
Solving problems
Is her goal

But they consented to mouthy Lou
Cos she was being trouble to
She had set up on her own
And didn’t heed to a tapped phone

Let’s burn Lou out
Trying to save the child
Revoked care order
They returned her wild

Programmed to cause mayhem
Problem-solving arose again
Found the answer ‘mind control’
Wherein required to sell the soul

Deprogramming skills mastered to find
 many jig -saw pieces
of memory behind
amnesic walls
created to hide
multiple matters
of the dark side

Amoungst horrors
of nightmare trauma’s
were hidden births of babies
memories of daughters

in search to find the daughter by name
thinking the search may be in vein
we found a son
there was no doubt
the memory of his birth came out

and within his profile
the daughter we found
same facial expression
and vocal sound

memories of more children
came through
and an alter that is’ to return you’

plus a man appeared
from back a day
maybe worked for C.I.A.
an alter recognized him with fear
what happened after I’m not clear

but communication broke down
her smile turned to a frown
the alter didn’t like me in her space
wanted me gone without a trace

but the strategic removal of my ID
and the precise planning
it is clear to me
that the alter alone did not plan our split
but someone operated it

for much of the plan went pear shape
the plan was to control me with red tape
but I just drove away
left all behind
no answer to the actions I could find

So only time will bring to light
how many have to fight
against hidden slavery
where they asks for your soul
to set you free

I feel for you

Waking up to find myself
in another place to you
I feel I'm lost
and need to move
and find things to do

dis-orientated in my mind
my present life
I need to remind
myself I now am alone
and I can't call you on the phone

I can't hear you
see you no more
my heart is broke
the tears do pour

Time passes by
but change don't come
for you are my number one

My heart is joined to your soul
a constant flow of tears do roll

I can't believe this life is true
I can't believe I'm without you

I occupy my time and mind
but always awake to find
Im still alone
without you
and tears pour out
it can't be true

I stop my brain , from thoughts of what might be
for they only serve to re-
traumatize me
but although I stop them
they still come through
then I ball cos I feel for you