Insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth

Insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth

Saturday, 15 August 2015

New raw poem 15/82015, hasn't got title yet

You fucking cunts
You stole my life
Split my soul
And hid the knife
That pierces ,slices and tears my heart
By walled off memories
I'm kept apart
From the reasons why I feel such pain
Only to be triggered again and again
To lock me down to serve you sick aims

I refuse to function for your gain

I refuse to open or exist through the portals you made
I refuse to go when you turn the blade
I'll call on Jesus Christ
I know he hears
To break all cords ties and wash away all fears

I won't work as you wish
I won't smoke your skunk cannabis
You won't get in and I won't come out
So fuck right off cos I have no doubt
That you want me to help bring forth 'End times'
Opening the eyes of those who are blind

I know that Jesus is the way and he still loves me programmed Gay
He knows my heart that you took to use
By giving me unreal choices, of lose or lose
Yes you play with free will, whilst our souls you steal
But God sees all
Your destined to fall 

Gay and Christian and Jesus Loves me
 For the choices that you force us to make
Are built on premises that are fake
To a child of 2 that is no real choice
In tortured alters with no voice
Cut off from their heart and soul
No you will be held responsible
Jesus lives and so do I
Through him I have hopes for when I die
But you, your going straight to hell
Unless you repent as well

I will follow him all the days of my life
And your lose of my potential will be my knife
I stick in you by vurtue of
Uncompliance with the above
Yes it's Jesus Christ all the way
Yes to Jesus Christ is who I pray
He is higher than all Satan's Vaticans created gods
And the Knights of Maltas masonic sods
The Jesuit that sit above them
who divert the public to blame men like Zionists and the illuminati scum
Who programed me and have such fun
                   At my souls expense 

Illuminati, Demons, Mind Control V's Jesus Christ                      It's over and done
                                                                                                       Cos Jesus is my number one

I tried to add to this post but those who monitor and interfer with my work on blogspot want to play around so I will leave how they wish...but know the red words pertain to the videos. Jesus is lord Amen

This is a reading by me of the poem.....

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